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FAQ - Pocket Design Innovation


FAQ - Pocket Design Innovation



The phantom pocket is a Clear / see-through lacrosse pocket.  It sits high on the head since it is a hybrid lax pocket made of urethane plastic. perfect for all experience levels.
  • Why is it better?  The Phantom Pocket throws like a pro right out of the box and never changes.  It's the only way to have a high pocket and a low pocket at the same time.  Plus it gives you a narrow ball channel from the throat to the scoop for unmatched passing and shooting accuracy.  The entire pocket can catch the ball because no flat, useless shooting string area exists.  Ground balls are easier for the same reason.  You don't have to break it in -- it's perfect from your first throw, forever.  No frustrating adjustment guesswork.  It's unaffected by weather and never stretches or shrinks.  

  • Will it fit my current head?  The Phantom Pocket works with virtually every head.  Check the Compatibility Chart to see the performance level your head will deliver.

  • What head works the best?  Check the Compatibility Chart to see the Phantom picks for best head!  

  • Is it a high pocket design?  The Phantom Pocket is a hybrid pocket.  It has the shooting, passing, catching, ball-feel and scooping advantages of a high pocket and it one-hand cradles like a low pocket.   

  • Why does it use special connectors?  So you never have to adjust it.

  • How long does it take to string?  Five minutes.  Four toggle loops at the scoop and one connector at the throat.  Zero knots to tie.

  • How much does it cost?  $30 preorder -- about the same as a new mesh stringing kit.

  • When can i buy one?  Fall 2017.  By the start of the season, you'll be a completely different player.









Phantom lacrosse head design - prototypes were needed to finalize the design
  • What are the orange sections on the top corners?  Expansion joints that allow the scoop to flex forward for ground balls and drag back when shooting.  Your coach may want you to get grass stains on your gloves when you scoop, but you won't have to anymore.  Flexing back on shots gives amazing ball-feel.  Your offset head can go to recycling.

  • What are the arms on the side of the head for?  To make the head rigid for accuracy but with the ball retention of a flexy head.   

  • Why aren't the sidewalls open?  Open sidewall heads are from the 1980s.  The thin bars of an open sidewall head weaken over time -- then your head is too flexible to be accurate.  Maybe even after one season.  What else are you using from the 80s?

  • Can I buy a Phantom Head without the Phantom Pocket?  The Phantom Head has no sidewall holes so a mesh pocket is a no-go.  Someone talented might be able to string a traditional pocket with no sidewalls.  That might even be the way we figured out how to design the Phantom Pocket.  Just maybe.






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