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  • Why is it better?  The Phantom Pocket is the only pocket that teaches good form.  It’s your personal shooting coach.
    • Throwing with good form requires two things: a pocket that works and knowing how to use it.  If you have a bad pocket, you’re going to have bad form.  Even with a pocket that works, beginners just naturally use bad form.  Think of how a beginner first throws a baseball or a football.  It’s the same thing in lacrosse.
    • Every other pocket lets a player continue to use bad form.  The more you practice with bad form, the faster you go from bad to advanced bad.
    • The Phantom Pocket doesn’t work that well with bad form but it’s amazing if you use good form.  It teaches you to use good form. 
  • Who is the Phantom Pocket designed for?  Every beginner will benefit from learning with a pocket that teaches good form.  If you’re an intermediate player who wants more playing time, the problem might be your form.  The longer you play with bad form, the harder it is to change.
  • What happens when I get better?  The Phantom Pocket continues to perform as you get better.  Want to rip shots, throw fakes and have a sick toe drag?  The Phantom Pocket has amazing hold and can handle the most advanced moves.  We want to give you the best performance possible, not a beginner pocket that requires you to upgrade later.

  • Is it legal?  Yes.  The Phantom Pocket is approved for play for US youth and US high school games and at all levels in Canada.
  • Will it work in my favorite head?  The Phantom Pocket works with virtually every head.  Check the Recommended Heads chart.
  • Is it a high pocket?  The Phantom Pocket is a hybrid pocket.  It has the shooting, passing, catching, hold and scooping advantages of a high pocket and it one-hand cradles like a low pocket.
  • Why a hybrid pocket?  A preformed pocket can’t shift around like a conventional pocket.  This means that a single pocket placement would have limited performance.  A preformed pocket that is only low would have poor hold and be hard to scoop with.  A preformed pocket that is only mid or high would one-hand cradle poorly – the ball would roll out if you stopped moving for half a second.  Only a hybrid pocket can give you the performance you need.
  • Why does it use special connectors?  Strings stretch and knots loosen.  If your pocket starts throwing differently, then you’re going to throw differently.  The best way to learn good form is with a consistent pocket that never changes.
  • How long does it take to install?  Five minutes.  Four toggles at the scoop and one snap at the throat.  Zero knots to tie.
  • How much does it cost?  $30 preorder.
  • When can i buy one?  Preorder now.  Shipping January 2018.