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Austin dad, coach and founder of Phantom Lacrosse, Michael Hazy, strung 115 new lacrosse heads to celebrate the return of lacrosse to the Olympics after 115 years.  Phantom is donating all 115 of them to youth lacrosse teams in Texas.

“The two biggest things we can do to grow the game are improving stick quality and lowering entry costs,” says Hazy.  “These free heads will replace poor quality, second-hand sticks commonly used by players trying the sport.  A bad stick is frustrating, not fun.” 

The International Olympic Committee voted in October to reestablish lacrosse as an official sport.  “The return to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles will start a new chapter in the sport’s history, increasing global interest and growth,” according to Hazy.  Ninety-one countries currently play lacrosse throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

Hazy developed a new single-string pocket style, instead of the usual six-string style.  “More strings mean more change over time, requiring adjustment.  My new single-string pocket has all the performance, but none of the maintenance, so players can focus 100% on playing and improving.”

UPDATE: Texas youth programs gobbled up all the heads in a week!  The local paper wrote an article about it!