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A good pocket is just a round baseball — You need one, but
you’ll throw with natural form forever without help


  • The Phantom System: Pocket + Form. Success in lacrosse requires two things: a good pocket and good form. Most youth players have a pocket that doesn’t work with good form. But even with a good pocket, 95% of youth players still use natural form (plus at least 50% of HS players). Think of how every little kid throws a baseball. Bad form is guaranteed because it’s natural. A top-hand pivot is the key to everything that’s fun about lacrosse, but it’s almost impossible to figure it out by yourself. Once your learn it, you’ll bring your stick everywhere you go.

    • STEP 1: Watch the Good Form videos. Once you learn what to look for, you’ll see that almost all players have natural form. No one can be an advanced player if they still throw like a beginner. Most importantly, the Good Form videos explain how a player’s natural hand grip and hand spacing make it impossible to improve. A player can’t learn good form if their top hand is in a fist and their hands are widely spaced. When these things are correct, then they can learn to pull with their bottom hand and start ripping shots other players only dream about.

    • STEP 2: Get a Phantom Pocket. The Phantom Pocket is awesome with good form and it doesn’t work with natural form. It makes you learn good form, so you actually improve and have fun playing. Other pockets let players throw like a beginner until they quit. The first time you throw with good form, you realize everything you did before was a waste of time. Players with a top-hand pivot want to carry their sticks everywhere they go. It’s what makes us love playing lacrosse.

  • Everyone starts with natural form. Natural form is like riding a bike with training wheels — you never learn the skills you need to succeed. The longer a player uses natural form, the harder it is to change. Learn more about this issue at LAX ALL STARS.

  • Lacrosse is the only sport with a 2nd variable. In every other sport, the equipment works. In lacrosse, players have to deal with pockets AND form. Until a player learns good form, they’ll throw any way that makes the ball come out of their stick. They have no idea if they have a bad pocket, bad form or both. When mesh pockets change, players start throwing worse to make the ball come out. Two variables are why players have such a hard time learning the form they need to succeed.

  • This is about reaching your goals. You’ll improve more in weeks than you have in years. It’s a lot like riding a bike or throwing a baseball. It takes a little work but the more you practice, the better you get. Almost everyone else will stay the same. Learn a top-hand pivot and upgrade your skills to an elite level. It’s the only way to have a future.

  • Game legal. The Phantom Pocket is game legal in the US, Canada, England and Germany.