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every player needs a good pocket and good form 

The Phantom Pocket is the only pocket that teaches you good form.  Just like any tool, you need to learn how to use it.



Takes about 5 minutes.  You just need the Phantom Pocket and an unstrung lacrosse head.

When you're ready to go, make sure to watch TEACH YOURSELF GOOD FORM below.  The pocket is designed to teach you good form by not working well with bad form.




Whether you use a Phantom Pocket or a conventional pocket, you need to learn good form to have a long career.  The longer you use beginner form, the more likely you'll be left behind.  Essential stuff.

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0:    Why Does Good Form Matter?
1-8:  How to Throw
9:     How to Catch


Get the most out of your Phantom Pocket and your game.